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design and functions combined together

Customer interests and satisfaction are our top priority. Our customers have the right to expect reliability, superior quality of products and services, and professional assistance of the highest standard.

We fulfil all our obligations towards our customers, we do not abuse their trust, and we do not exploit their possible lack of knowledge or experience.

We give equal treatment to all our customers, regardless of their sex, age, appearance, rank, nationality, religion, creed, or sexual orientation.
Whether our customers contact us in person or by correspondence, they always receive professional and competent service, friendly and responsive to their needs and expectations.
With our customers’ interests in mind, we have audit, remedial and prevention measures in place and we apply them on an ongoing basis to identify any organisational or technical deficiencies and eliminate unprofessional conduct.

We take care to ensure that the products we offer to customers meet the highest standards of quality.

In our external communication, we always provide full and accurate information about our products, services and operations, except for information constituting the Company’s technical, technological, trade or organisational secret which, if disclosed, could expose KENFARCO to lossed information protected under specific legal regulations.

We accept full responsibility for our products and services, and any defective products are recalled from the market.

We fulfil orders in accordance with the applicable laws and provisions of bilateral agreements.

We provide customers with reliable and accurate information on any possible additional costs, difficulties or delays in scheduled deliveries.

We handle complaints quickly and efficiently, and we inform customers of the outcome of each complaint handling process.

Any comments on our products and services are carefully analysed, and the findings of such analysis serve as a basis for improving our offering and bringing it in line with customer needs and expectations.

We recognise the needs, an